About Us
Welcome at Mega Scan radiology centers, we are the first specialized establishment representing the private sector since 1966, founded by the pioneer radiology professor Dr. Mohamed Hafez Sherif- the ex president of Egyptian radiology association, aimed to present & implement the mechanism of experience, accurate & quality in medical imaging diagnosis by continuous improvement of patient care & provide up to date technology machines-equipment and most of all qualified expert human resource because it is our deep faith that they are truly the ultimate investment to guarantee superior quality services.
we are the first to present ultra sound and Multi slices CT
  • 1975: first C.T scans in Egypt - down town.
  • 1995: first open MRI in Egypt.
  • 2006: opening Mohandesin branch with the most up-to-date machines and equipment in medical imaging diagnosis.
Our slogan: Experience- Accurate - Quality .

At mega scan works more than 30 doctors, 50 technicians- nurses and admins all together focuses on caring and serving our patients according to principles of professor Dr.Hafez sherif.